Sue Bach - Don Henry Family Donation

This Buchenwald Concentration Camp money was a donation to the Florence and Laurence Spungen Family Foundation from the daughter (Julie in the center) and good family friend (Sue) of Don Henry. After Sue went to Poland and Israel to study the Holocaust, Don gave her the camp money he received at Buchenwald. Danny Spungen was given the donation Saturday December 6, 2008 at the Billings, Montana Beth Aaron Congregation exhibit/event. Sue said, “both of us are so happy that this item from a terrible time has found a purpose as a teaching tool. Thank you for providing a venue for this to happen.”

The handwritten note reads:

"This was given to me from a man in Buchenwald Concentration Camp who told me this represented 1 months pay, but their was nothing to buy with it at the end of WWII. He was very thin and desecrated. D. A. Henry US Army. (Don Henry Mansfield WA)"

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