Grantmaking Guidelines

Grant Eligibility

Grants made by the Spungen Foundation are directed to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations by invitation only. The foundation seeks long-term relationships with our grantees, and is committed to grantmaking best practices such as awarding multi-year grants and providing general operating support to our closest partners.

While the Foundation is pleased to correspond with people and organizations engaged in activities of interest to the Spungen family, the foundation chooses to maximize its funding to organizations actively doing the work, rather than build a foundation administrative team. Unsolicited proposals for support are not accepted and will not be acknowledged.

Our geographic focus is in our local communities (the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and Santa Barbara, California), as well as nationally and internationally, when appropriate to the Foundation’s mission.

Current Grantees

An annual evaluation is due 11 months after each grant payment. Please use our grant annual evaluation template.