The Spungen Foundation has 3 strategic areas of support:

Jewish Genetics

  • Building Community awareness about breast and ovarian cancer BRCA gene mutations and the importance of screening.
  • Building a more robust community of genetic counselors by:

    • Growing the community through advocating to hospitals to hire more;

    • Bringing existing genetic counselors together for training/ education.

Family Caregiving

  • Helping to identify, and therefore educate, caregivers about resources that may be available, and,
  • Respite care which offers the family caregiver breaks.

In general, the foundation prefers to support Family Caregiving generally, and not limit support to a particular ailment.


The Spungen Holocaust Collection raises awareness and facilitates discussion of the Holocaust and breakdowns in humanity.

Shared Interest Grants

The Foundation also provides mission-related support to organizations working in areas of shared interest amongst the Board of Trustees. These grants are by invitation only.


Grants made by the Spungen Foundation are directed to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations by invitation only. The foundation seeks long-term relationships with our grantees, and is committed to grantmaking best practices such as awarding multi-year grants and providing general operating support to our closest partners. While the Foundation is pleased to correspond with people and organizations engaged in activities of interest to the Spungen family, the foundation chooses to maximize its funding to organizations actively doing the work, rather than build a foundation administrative team. Therefore, unsolicited proposals for support are not accepted and will not be acknowledged.

Our geographic focus is in our local communities (the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and Santa Barbara, California), as well as nationally and internationally, when appropriate to the Foundation's mission.


An annual evaluation is due 11 months after each grant payment. Download a copy of our grant annual evaluation template here.

Below is a representative sample of our current grantmaking:


Family Caregiving:

COAST Caregiver Resource Center
Santa Barbara, CA
To deliver meaningful information and coaching to family caregivers regarding the physical, emotional, psychological, social, legal and financial challenges of caregivers.

Family Service Agency
Santa Barbara, CA
To conduct an annual caregiver awareness campaign in South Santa Barbara County, and to provide additional Caregiver Mental Health and Case Management/ Resources Support Hours to Family Caregivers

Family Service of Lake County
Highland Park, IL

To meet Caregiver needs for resources, respite, and other supportive interventions

Teaneck, NJ
To overhaul their Family Focus Empowering Caregivers Programs, which responds to the needs of the caregivers, free of charge, accessible from home, and customized for each caregiver, featuring 1-on-1 counseling, and caregiver information kits with resources that explain diagnosis and treatment

Jewish Genetics:

Basser Center for BRCA / University of Pennsylvania Medical
Philadelphia, PA
To advance care of individuals living with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, specifically by supporting Community Outreach work including the 2-day annual Basser Center Scientific Symposium “Recent Advances in Breast and Ovarian Cancer Genetics”.

Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
To expand community awareness about BRCA genetics and the importance of genetic counseling

Atlanta, GA
To create a new educational program with a focus on BRCA hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in the Ashkenazi Jewish Community

The Norton & Elaine Sarnoff Center for Jewish Genetic
Chicago, IL
To launch a Genetic Health Education Initiative to conduct hereditary cancer awareness and education among community members and health care professionals, emphasizing BRCA1 and BRCA2 related cancers in the Jewish community.


B’nai Tikvah
Deerfield, IL
Florence and Laurence Spungen Memorial Movie Series

Canary Foundation
Redwood City, CA
Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center
Terre Haute, IN
General Operating Support

Children's Oncology Services
Chicago, IL
For the Legacy Building Campaign, and One Step Summer Camp Program

Direct Relief
Santa Barbara, CA
Endowment Fund & General Operating Support

Doctors Without Walls - Santa Barbara Street Medicine
Santa Barbara, CA
General Operating Support

Erie Family Health Center
Chicago, IL
Support of Erie HealthReach Waukegan Health Center

Foundation for Jewish Camp
New York, NY
Camp scholarships for low-to-moderate income families that are part of the disabilities’ initiative

Hapi Foundation
Westlake Village, CA
General Operating Support

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
Skokie, IL
Sponsorship of Tribute Pathway

Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
Care Manager for Jewish Family Services

Journey Care
Glenview, IL
Unrestricted grant to elevate patient care and sustain vital support systems, including integrative therapies and bereavement counseling

Northbrook, IL
Support for GADOL Program

Santa Barbara, CA
Subsidize videotaping interviews of low-income elders & terminally ill

PADS Lake County
Waukegan, IL
Homeless Healthcare Access Program

Santa Barbara Village
Santa Barbara, CA
General Operating Support

Chicago, IL
Support for Social Services

Vitamin Angels
Santa Barbara, CA
Life Saving Vitamins for At Risk Populations