Operation Bernhard Survivor
Testimonial Videotaped by Foundation

Of the estimated 300 Jewish concentration camp prisoners at Sachsenhausen (Germany) that were part of the famous Operation Bernard, only four are thought to survive today.

On August 28th Foundation President Danny Spungen and Fred Schwan (military currency scholar) had the honor of spending a few hours with Hans Walter who is now living in the United States and will be 86 years old in December. Hans Walter was one of the final inspectors of the counterfeit Bank of England notes made by the Jews. Under the command of General Bernard Kreuger, the Naziís forced selected Jews to make the counterfeit notes with the intention of destroying Englandís financial system. Although the Naziís did not succeed, an estimated US $6 billion (in todayís money) worth of notes were made and many traded freely within Europe during WWII.

Prior to his engineering talents were discovered for the secret project, Hans Walter was at Auschwitz and has etched into his arm prisoner# 164643.

Hans was gracious enough in allowing Danny and Fred to record 180 minutes of the interview and personally autograph two notes made at Sachsenhausen. Fred is holding an example of the Five Pound counterfeit note signed by Hans.

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