Spungen Holocaust Postal Collection

The NAZI Scourge: Postal Evidence of the Holocaust and the Devastation of Europe

In 2007, Danny Spungen, a collector and philatelist, on behalf on the foundation, acquired arguably one of the best known collections of Holocaust materials related to stamps, covers, postcards, letters, bank note forgeries, and manuscripts from concentration camps & Jewish ghettos. Formally known as “The NAZI Scourge: Postal Evidence of the Holocaust and the Devastation of Europe,” the Spungen Holocaust Postal Collection is being made available to the public, here on the Foundation’s web site.

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The collection, containing hundreds of pieces, is arranged into 10 sections (or Frames) each with multiple pages (in PDF format) containing images and descriptive text describing both the documents in the collection as well as the context in which the documents were created and used. The original 10 frames were created by Ken Lawrence, a well known philatelist, researcher, and author. The Foundation with the guidance of Ken Lawrence and several other Holocaust experts will continue to add special material for educational presentations. The Foundation’s goal has expanded to: Introducing the Holocaust using philatelic and numismatic collectibles.

Those interested in supporting the display and preservation of the collection may learn how to donate here.

PLEASE NOTE: The Spungen Holocaust Postal Collection and all materials relating thereto are owned exclusively by the Florence and Laurence Spungen Family Foundation. The collection is made available for educational purposes only; reasonable requests for its use will not be denied. The reproduction, display, or distribution of all or part of the Spungen Holocaust Postal Collection is prohibited. These materials may not be copied or reprinted without prior written permission from the Spungen Family Foundation.