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Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen

The large Sachsenhausen concentration camp, with an eventual capacity of more than 50,000 inmates, opened at Oranienburg, a suburb of Berlin, in July 1936. In July 1938, the SS administration of the entire concentration camp system moved its headquarters from the Dachau concentration camp to Sachsenhausen.

Pictured Above: The censor marking on the message side of the formular post card mailed July 9, 1937, is the earliest type used at Sachsenhausen. With macabre irony, the pictorial sailboat cancel promoted Oranienburg as a pleasant summer resort for Germans who did not fall afoul of the Nazis.

Pictured Below: An August 26, 1944, Official field post parcel waybill, from the SS headquarters at Oranienburg to the Flossenb├╝rg concentration camp.

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