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Gestapo: the state secret police

In April 1933, the Gestapo was separated from the general police system and assigned the task of controlling those designated “enemies of the state.”

Pictured Below: Two kinds of postage stamps were available for official use by traditional police: 1. official stamps issued for use by all government agencies, and 2. regular stamps punched with POL perforated initials. Postage was free for the Gestapo. On this February 17, 1937, registered large piece from police headquarters at Düsseldorf to the Gestapo, mixed franking usage of one Official stamp and two semi-postal POL perfins correctly paid the 24-pfennig out-of-town rate for a letter weighing up to 250 grams, plus the 30-pfennig registry fee, total 54 pfennigs. Below is a July 8, 1938, postage free Gestapo cover.

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