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Holocaust Aftermath: War Crime Trials

The chief American prosecutor at the International Military Tribunal was Justice Robert H. Jackson of the United States Supreme Court. He had been Attorney General of the United States in 1940 and 1941, as the August 21, 1946, cover from a Jewish sender at Geneva titled him. Robert W. Kempner, addressee of the October 22, 1945, cover at APO 403 (Munich), was an anti-Nazi attorney who had fled Germany in 1933. As the United States assistant chief counsel for the IMT, he was credited with finding the Wannsee protocol that ordered the “final solution of the Jewish question” [extermination].

The concessionary U.S. domestic rate for air mail letters to and from overseas active-duty military personnel and civilians employed in militarily essential occupations was six cents per half ounce, so postage on this envelope paid a double letter rate.

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