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Holocaust Aftermath: Identifying Victims of Nazism

Slavko Dzelebdzic of Vienna, Austria, had been arrested by the Gestapo in early 1941 based on charges of an anonymous accuser, which thwarted his plan to marry his fiancée Marianne Hulka in April. Their daughter was born while he was held in a Munich jail. Although the arrest warrant was repealed in June 1942, Dzelebdzic was not released. He was transferred to Dachau in September, and after a brief incarceration there, to Auschwitz. Eventually the Gestapo concluded that he was innocent and ordered his release on February 15, 1943, but required him to report daily to Gestapo headquarters. He was certified as a victim of Nazism shortly after the Red Army liberated Vienna.

Pictured Above: July 13, 1945, registry document for Slavko Dzelebdzic issued by the Central Registration Office for Nazi Terror Victims in Austria.

Pictured Below: Concentration camp Auschwitz release paper signed by the notorious commandant Rudolf Höß (Hoess).

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