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Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen

Rules regarding mail were strictly enforced. Most of the time, prisoners at Sachsenhausen were allowed to receive two letters or cards per month. This was reduced to one card or one letter during 1941, when the SS guards were busy executing about 15,000 captured Red Army prisoners, and then restored to two per month in 1942 and later.

Pictured Below: A September 2, 1942, letter addressed to a Czech prisoner at Sachsenhausen was rejected and returned to the sender, because he had received his monthly quota before it arrived. The handstamped marking on the back states, “Already received mail”

Pictured Below: An October 4, 1940, letter from Vienna was opened and examined by the Sachsenhausen censor, rejected and stapled, and returned to the sender. The marking on the back states, “Does not obey camp regulations.”

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