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Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen – Subcamp Schwarzheide

Although huge numbers of Jews were held captive in concentration camps, mail to and from Jewish prisoners is seldom seen. Restrictions were severe and few examples survived.

In the summer of 1944 1,100 Jews were transported from Auschwitz to the Schwarzheide subcamp of Sachsenhausen where they became slave laborers at the BRABAG Werke (the Braunkohle-Benzin AG synthetic petroleum refinery).

Pictured Below: On December 9, 1944, Benno Weintraub wrote from Prague to his Jewish father Isr[ael] Josef Weintraub at Schwarzheide subcamp, lamenting that it is difficult to find warm clothes to send, and asking if sending shoes is allowed. The Sachsenhausen camp censor removed the stamp to search for messages that might have been hidden beneath it, and the letter was doused with a chemical to check for invisible ink.

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