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Persecution of Jews

Der Stürmer, a weekly mass-circulation newspaper, was the Nazis’ principal vehicle for antisemitic agitation in Germany. A key ingredient was the depiction of Jews in Philipp Rupprecht’s cartoons as ugly and revolting, with huge hooked noses, bulging eyes, large ears, swollen lips, unshaven beards, long hairy arms and hands, and short crooked legs. Special issues told lurid stories of ritual murder by Jews, Jewish criminality, the worldwide Jewish conspiracy, and Jewish sexual predation. Editor Julius Streicher was the Nazi Party’s most rabid antisemite. He was the chief organizer of the April 1, 1933, anti-Jewish boycott, and chief proponent of the Nuremburg anti-Jewish laws. In a 1938 article titled “War against the World Enemy,” Streicher called for the total destruction of the Jewish people. After World War II he was hanged as a war criminal.

Pictured Below: In large type across the bottom of the invoice is Der Stürmer’s slogan, “The Jews are our misfortune.” The paper’s logotype showed a cruel caricature of a Jewish man’s face framed by a Star of David, over the slogan, “Unless the Jewish question is solved, mankind is doomed.”

Inset Center Above: August 10, 1939, postal checking account receipt for a one-month subscription payment to Der Stürmer, pasted to the invoice.

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