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Persecution of Jews; Irene Harand Resistance Organization

A traveling antisemitic propaganda exhibition titled Der ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) opened at Munich on November 8, 1937. Jews were portrayed as moral degenerates in exhibits, lectures, books, and posters – alternatively as money-grubbing capitalists or as Communist conspirators, either way bent on world domination.

Irene Harand, a German Christian, organized anti-Nazi resistance from a base in Austria.

Pictured Above: The Harand organization’s propaganda label on a January 1, 1938, post card from Hodonin, Czechoslovakia, to Nürnberg, Germany, honors the great German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine, whom the Nazi exhibit had attacked. It quotes Bismarck and Nietzsche in praise of Heine.

Pictured Above: Printed-to-private order 6-pfennig Hindenburg Medallion picture post card advertising the anti-Jewish exhibition, with November 8, 1937, Munich commemorative hand cancellation.

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