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Civil War in Spain – International Brigades Mail

Anti-fascists from all over the world – communists, socialists, and anarchists – rallied to support the Spanish republic. Volunteers from abroad formed International Brigades to fight against General Franco’s Nationalist armies.

Pictured Above: This March 7, 1938, air mail letter was sent by an International Brigades soldier to Czechoslovakia. After almost two years of civil war, inflation was taking its toll on the Spanish economy, as reflected in the strip of seven surcharged stamps.

On the back (shown below) are “Correo de Campaña” International Brigades field post datestamps, a boxed magenta Republican military censor mark, and a March 9, roller air mail transit mark of Le Bourget airport, France, routing necessitated by the dwindling support for Republican Spain internationally. The March 10 arrival datestamp of Prague is on the front (shown above).

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