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Subjugation and Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia

On March 14 and 15, 1939, Adolf Hitler completed the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, occupying Bohemia-Moravia and Slovakia, and creating vassal states of both, as Hungary annexed a portion of Carpatho-Ukraine. The Bohemia-Moravia Protectorate became part of Greater Germany.

Pictured Above: A March 28, 1939, printed matter rate cover of Bratislava is franked with 20-heller and 30-heller provisional overprinted stamps for use in Slovakia.

Pictured Above: A December 15, 1939, picture post card canceled at Neratovice has a triple mixed franking: a single 10-heller stamp of the former Czechoslovakia, a 20-heller provisional with a Bohemia-Moravia overprint, and a corner margin block of four 5-heller regular Protectorate stamps.

Stamps of Czechoslovakia, both with and without the provisional overprints, remained valid as postage in the Protectorate until December 15, 1939. The post card is a last-day-of-use cover for those issues.

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