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Annexation of Austria

On March 11, 1938, after a series of provocations, the German army invaded Austria, and on March 13 the Anschluss (annexation) was proclaimed. A majority of Austrians welcomed these events, which prompted widespread anti-Jewish rioting.

Pictured Above and Below: Postage stamps and stationery of Austria remained valid until October 31, 1938, at an equivalent of 1.5 Austrian schillings to one German reichsmark. Shown here are mixed frankings on an April 12, 1938, air mail letter, Kitzbühel to Singapore, and a September 25, 1938, surface letter, Vienna to New York. The circular handstamp in black ink on the envelope to Singapore is an exchange control marking of Greece, applied as it transited the Athens airport mail facility. The monogram contains the initials ΠΕΝ in Greek calligraphy, the acronym for ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ ΕΘΝΙKΟΥ ΝΟΜΙΣΜΑΤΟΣ (National Currency Protection).

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