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Concentration Camp Auschwitz

On this August 2, 1943, message-and-reply postal card from Zichenau, Franz Zawacki queried the Auschwitz administration about the fate of prisoner Egon Konstanty Zawacki. It arrived at Auschwitz on August 4 and was routed to the Auschwitz Political Department. On August 8, the Leader of Department II typed a message to the Gestapo office in Zichenau/Schröttersburg on the reply portion of the card: “Regarding the person named on the other side, whom the local authorities delivered to concentration camp Auschwitz on November 28, 1941, he died on August 11, 1942. It is requested that Zawacki’s next of kin be notified if this has not yet occurred.” The card was filed, not remailed. Notice was probably by telegram.

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