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Annexation and Dismemberment of Poland – The General Government Vassal State

Following the conquest, western and northern areas of Poland were annexed to Germany along with the formerly free city of Danzig (Gdansk). German place names replaced Polish ones. Nazi governor Hans Frank ruled the area of Poland (Kraków, Lemberg, Lublin, Radom, and Warsaw districts) that remained nominally independent called the General Gouvernement, taking the French name from an earlier historical period of Polish subjugation. Once all-out war began with the invasion of the U.S.S.R. in June of 1941, the General Government became a province of the German Empire.

Pictured Above: A provisional issue of German stamps overprinted Deutsche Post Osten was issued on December 1, 1939, for use in the General Government, which remained valid until September 30, 1940. Provisional canceling devices also were used at first, with special service endorsements in manuscript.

The Michel catalog states, “Covers with provisional cancels on official letters are sought after,” such as this police regiment cover from Pulawy, Poland, to Schöneberg, Germany, using a single 2-zloty stamp, with manuscript endorsements for registry and prepaid courier special delivery services.

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