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Concentration Camp Dora-Mittelbau – Secret weapons manufacture: V-2 rockets

After Allied bombers destroyed the German rocket production facility at Peenemünde on the night of August 18, 1943, the entire project was moved to Sangerhausen in the Harz Mountains. The first skilled laborers arrived from Buchenwald on August 28, and the Dora-Mittelbau rocket manufacturing project was established in underground tunnels to protect it from aerial bombardment. Rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph was among the men in charge of the cruel slave labor complex. The United States Army liberated Dora-Mittelbau on April 9, 1945.

Pictured Above: A November 21, 1944, postal card addressed to an inmate of Dora-Mittelbau (indicated by the “D” in the address).

Pictured Below: A January 25, 1945, post card from an inmate (“D” in the return address). Mail from inmates is very seldom seen; mail to inmates is virtually unknown. The creases and wear on this card poignantly attest to how fervently young Stanislaus Schiller cherished his beloved mother’s precious greeting, which has been obliterated by abrasion.

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