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Extermination Camp Jasenovac – Women’s Concentration Camp Stara Gradiška

The Ustashe fascists of Croatia were as cruel to their enemies as German Nazis were to theirs. Jasenovac, the largest concentration camp complex in Croatia, opened in August 1941. Located 100 kilometers south of Zagreb, it included a number of subcamps. Of 600,000 victims murdered at Jasenovac, more than 20,000 were Jews. After August 1942, the remaining Croatian Jews were shipped to Auschwitz, while killing of Serbs, Sinti and Roma, and Croatian anti-fascists continued here. In April 1945, as Partisan forces approached the camp, the Ustashe killed the remaining prisoners and blew up all the structures in an attempt to destroy evidence of their atrocities.

Pictured Above and Below: Stara Gradiška, origin of this May 23, 1944, formular prisoner’s post card, was the subcamp of Jasenovac where women were imprisoned. Camp administration censorship.

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