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Great Britain’s Secret War against the Axis – Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park, a stately mansion on the outskirts of Milton Keynes about 50 miles northwest of London, was the top secret wartime home of Government Communications Headquarters sometimes called “Station X,” where German military codes Enigma and Lorenz were broken. Its undercover address was Box 111 Bletchley. Recently discovered correspondence has revealed additional undercover addresses and layers of censorship to protect its security.

Among the personnel assigned to this secret location was John Richard (Dick) Perceval, a linguist and travel writer who had studied at the University of Berlin. There he met and married divorcee Sorina Eiche, the mother of three grown sons, in 1936.

Sorina traveled to Switzerland in August 1939 and remained there for the duration of the war, perhaps to avoid internment as an enemy alien. In March 1940, Dick accepted a classified assignment that has never been disclosed. His successive ranks were Pilot Officer, Flying Officer, and Flight Lieutenant in the RAF.

Pictured Above: This June 18, 1942, cover from Perceval to his wife has a previously unrecorded undercover return address of P.O. Box 444, S.W.D.O., Howick Place, London, S. W. 1.

Returned by British censor, contents forbidden, postage refunded.

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