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Great Britain’s Secret War against the Axis – Bletchley Park

Sorina Perceval entered Germany in December 1942 to visit her son Wolf. Whether that was a mother’s brave (or foolish) act, or a secret mission (if so, for which side?), is not publicly known. Another son Horst was killed on the Russian front in 1943.

This April 29, 1943, cover from Sorina to Dick Perceval is addressed to him at the English Speaking Union Club, 37 Charles Street, London, S.W.1, a previously unrecorded undercover address.

Pictured Below: A German censor at Berlin applied a chemical to the envelope and letter to check for secret writing in invisible ink. A British censor inserted a mimeographed form warning the recipient not to heed a request for photographs. Upon delivery at London, the forwarding label to the secret Bletchley address was added, taking the letter to Perceval’s post.

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