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Anti-American and Anti-Jewish Propaganda Counterfeit – German Aerial Propaganda Leaflet

In October 1943, Germany distributed facsimiles of United States $1 currency, dropped from airplanes over Paris. These unfolded to reveal this Nazi message inside, written in French:

The minister of the United States Treasury is the Jew MORGENTHAU junior, allied with the big sharks of international Finance. All the Jewish symbols appear on the dollar: The Eagle of Israel, the Triangle, the Eye of Jehovah, 13 letters of the device, 13 stars of the halo, 13 arrows, 13 olive branches, 13 steps of the unfinished pyramid. THE MONEY IS DEFINITELY JEWISH! The dollar is valid only if signed by MORGENTHAU. THIS DOLLAR HAS PAID FOR THE JEWISH WAR. The only message that the Anglo-Americans can address to us is: Will the dollar be enough to compensate us for the sorrows caused by THE JEWISH WAR? Money has no smell… BUT THE JEW HAS ONE!

German propaganda flyers air-dropped over occupied France are listed in The American Air Mail Catalogue.

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