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Occupation of Soviet Russia – Pskov (Pleskau) Local Post

The first regular local issues of Pskov appeared on October 18, 1941. Additional printings appeared at various dates through mid-March 1942. Most were used on formular post cards that summoned local residents to the Pleskau Labor Office. Most of the respondents were conscripted as Ostarbeiter slave laborers and transported to German factories and work camps. The local post ended on April 30, 1942, replaced by the German Ostland occupation postal system that had been established in the Baltic States and Belarus.

Pictured Above and Below: An April 14,1942, Pleskau Labor Office summons post card franked with a 20-kopeck Pskov local post stamp, and a May 8, 1942, summons card franked with a German 6-pfennig OSTLAND overprinted stamp.

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