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Warsaw Uprising of 1944 -Collapse of German morale on the home front

Despite the Nazis’ ability to defeat the Polish Home Army militarily, intelligent Germans realized that the war was a lost cause. The Red Army had advanced to the Vistula River, and was being reinforced for the push onward to Berlin.

Pictured Above: By the time this July 30, 1944, letter to a German soldier occupying Warsaw from his wife in Vienna could have reached its destination, nearly the whole city was controlled by the Home Army. She wrote, “I am terribly worried about you. . . . I talked to Frau Medred and she thinks that you will never get out of there. To think that by now there is probably street fighting in Warsaw and Lemberg drives me crazy. I always thought that combat units would fall back and take over the fight for you. . . . My darling, try to flee from there as soon as possible. . . . Our luck again: the shoemaker who was to make my boots was drafted, but he can still work nights.” The cover was marked “Return, undeliverable at this time.”

Field post postage free.

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