Other Collections

The Spungen Family Foundation continues to acquire new materials, exhibiting them whenever possible along with the Holocaust Postal Collection.

Documents of the Righteous

The Spungen exhibit has expanded to include many documents issued or “created” by Righteous (non-Jewish) people who in many cases risked their lives and/or careers to provide protection to Jewish people during the WWII era.

Most of the documents were signed by people that are recognized by Yad Vashem (Israel) as Righteous Among The Nations. The Spungen exhibit includes documents from Varian Fry, Valdemar Langlet, Carl Lutz, Bishop Angelo Rotta, Chiune Sugihara, Raoul Wallenberg, and Sir Nicholas Winton.

The Sugihara Visa

Learn about Japanese Consul to Lithuania Chiune-Sempo Sugihara and the transit visas he approved in the summer of 1940.

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Money and Scrip

The foundation has a growing collection of money and scrip issued during the war by the NAZI regime as well as after the war by the Allies and the United Nations.

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The Mengele Letters

In 2010, the foundation began exhibiting two letters from Nazi SS Doctor Josef Mengele. The letters offer rare insight into the life and mind of the man who has been nicknamed the “Angel of Death.”

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