Coin World Podcast – Forging Secrets, Operation Bernhard

April 20, 2023

On Thursday April 13, Danny Spungen met with hosts Jeff Starck and Larry Jewett to discuss Operation Bernhard for their Coin World podcast. This was Danny’s first experience with podcasts – ever! Being a visual person, he was the only one to show his face during the recording process. He had artifacts laid out on a table for our hosts to see, but didn’t get a chance to show them.


Following a special presentation hosted by the Spungen Foundation earlier this year at the World Money Fair in Berlin about the Forging Secrets book, Jeff Starck wrote:

“Fantastic presentation of Charlotte Krueger, granddaughter of Bernhard Krueger, the man behind Operation Bernhard – the plot to wage financial war against England via counterfeiting. The highlight of the World Money Fair.”


It was after this presentation that Jeff wanted Danny on as a guest for his podcast. They recorded the audio on April 13, 2023 and the episode went live on Thursday April 20, 2023.


You can find the podcast episode number 197 on the Coin World website, by clicking here. Or you can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other platforms where podcasts are available.



Episode 197: The Nazi Counterfeiting Plot

Larry and Jeff learn from Danny Spungen about Operation Bernhard, the Nazi counterfeiting plot during World War II, and how that story is being shared with students today. The episode includes other forays into numismatic history.





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